Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Claudia Wiens, a passionate and professional photographer since 1995. I am currently calling Seville, Spain my home, with regular visits to Germany and other parts of the world. I started out in my early twenties for a local newspaper in Dortmund with only male colleagues. Double luckily for me in Dortmund we have the giant concert hall Westfalenhalle, where regularly big stars perform, and as none of my colleagues liked to work on weekend nights, I got to shoot musicians like David Bowie, Prodigy, and Die Ärzte amongst others. I studied photo-design in Dortmund and during that time developed a deep love for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region). In 1999 I moved to Cairo, Egypt and then only came back to Germany for my final exams. Egypt was always my big love – I experienced many crazy adventures there with and without my camera. I began working for international publications, NGOs and companies like GEO magazine, Stern, Guardian, Unicef, Johns Hopkins, GIZ, ThyssenKrupp, Hilton, Goethe Institute. I discovered very early on my passion for all stories related to women. Women are so diverse, so incredibily strong, creative and inspiring and I believe it’s important for us that their stories are told. My other passion is related to environmental issues and sustainability. My mother introduced our family to all sorts of funky sustainable ideas very early on in the 80s and she became a Greenpeace activist later for many years. I’m so grateful for the seed she planted in me and I hope to be able to do my part to help our planet with my photography and also with other work I do. On my website you can find samples of my work and also the photo art prints that I sell. Please contact me with any enquiries at info@claudiawiens.com


My calendars are available in all usual online shops and book shops. Support book shops!!!!!! Sizes from DIN A5 to A2, also as practical small planner. You can have a look at the complete calendars on Calvendo website HERE.

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