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Hello and welcome to my website!  I’m Claudia Wiens, a passionate and professional photographer since 1995. Currently, I call Seville, Spain my base from where I travel worldwide for my work. I started out in my early twenties for a local newspaper in Dortmund with only male colleagues. Double luckily for me in Dortmund we have the giant concert hall Westfalenhalle, where regularly big stars perform, and as none of my colleagues liked to work on weekend nights, I got to shoot musicians like David Bowie, Prodigy, and Die Ärzte amongst others. I studied photo-design in Dortmund and during that time developed a deep love for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region). In 1999 I moved to Cairo, Egypt and then only came back to Germany for my final exams. Egypt was always my big love – I experienced many crazy adventures there with and without my camera. I began working for international publications, NGOs and companies like GEO magazine, Stern, Guardian, Unicef, Johns Hopkins, GIZ, ThyssenKrupp, Hilton, Goethe Institute. I discovered very early on my passion for all stories related to women. Women are so diverse, so incredibly strong, creative and inspiring and I believe it’s important for us that these stories are told. My other passion is related to environmental issues and sustainability. My mother introduced our family to all sorts of funky sustainable ideas very early on in the 80s, and she became a Greenpeace activist later for many years. I’m so grateful for the seed she planted in me and I hope to be able to do my part to help our planet with my photography and also with other work I do.

I teach regularly photography workshops worldwide and since 2019 I am the photography teacher at the German Online Schule für Gestaltung (OfG- Online School of Design). Please contact me with any enquiries at


Earlier this year, (2021) I had the opportunity to backpack a whole month through one of the most magical places of our planet: SINAI !! Now finally on my website. Publications out there, if you are looking for a story about SUSTAINABLE TOURISM, please reach out to me. Photos and text available.

During the Corona pandemic, it became clear for many people that we have lost close contact to nature and also that many of us need to slow down and concentrate on the really important and essential things in life. The Sinai Peninsula, Egypt is one of the few places on our planet where we still can find vast untouched areas, like the desert and the mountains, that offer the opportunity to (re)connect with nature in a profound way. And what could be better than hiking in magical mountains or to get really slow and contemplative during a desert trip without any car, just on foot or on top of a camel? My trip began in a tiny straw beach hut a few kilometres north of Nuweiba. Then it took me deep into the desert in the heart of Sinai, accompanied by an experienced Bedouin desert guide. Lastly, I found my way to St Catharine village, from where I hiked different mountain trails every day until my legs couldn’t take it any more. See the whole PHOTO GALLERY.

Affordable Photo Prints for Sale/ Erschwingliche Fotos zum Verkauf

In January 1999 I had my very first solo photo exhibition in Dortmund, Germany, showing my work about Tuareg in Algeria, where I had been travelling in 1998. Since then, I had countless solo and group exhibitions in museums, galleries and cultural institutes around the world. Obviously not all pictures get sold, and my cupboards are filled with framed and unframed, and even hand printed photos from all those years. As it is a pity to have beautiful photos stored in dark boxes, I have decided to give my work away for very affordable prices, so they can bring joy to other people. Here you see samples of unframed photos from various exhibitions. Especially those could also be perfect for offices, kindergartens, schools, NGOs, care homes. Themes among many more are: Elephants in Thailand, Daily Life in Myanmar, Tuareg in Algeria, Copts in Egypt, portraits around the world, women's football in Turkey, Egypt, Palestine and Germany, Leprosy in Egypt. Please send me a message if you want to see many options. All unframed photos are for sale between 5 - 25 euros, depending on size (from A5 to A2). The selection of framed photos and their prices you find on my BLOG.


Im Januar 1999 hatte ich meine allererste Einzelfotoausstellung in Dortmund, und zeigte meine Bilder über Tuareg in Algerien, wohin ich 1998 gereist war. Seitdem hatte ich unzählige Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen in Museen, Galerien und Kulturinstituten weltweit. Natürlich wurden nicht alle Bilder verkauft, und meine Schränke sind gefüllt mit gerahmten und ungerahmten und sogar handgedruckten Fotos aus all diesen Jahren. Da es schade ist, schöne Fotos in dunklen Kisten aufzubewahren, habe ich mich entschlossen, meine Arbeiten zu sehr erschwinglichen Preisen abzugeben, damit sie anderen Menschen Freude bereiten können. Hier siehst Du eine Auswahl einige Beispiele für ungerahmte Fotos aus verschiedenen Ausstellungen. Besonders diese könnten auch perfekt für Büros, Kindergärten, Schulen, NGOs, Pflegeeinrichtungen sein. Themen unter anderem sind: Elefanten in Thailand, Alltag in Myanmar, Tuareg in Algerien, Kopten in Ägypten, Porträts auf der ganzen Welt, Frauenfußball in der Türkei, Ägypten, Palästina und Deutschland, Lepra in Ägypten. Bitte schick mir eine Nachricht, wenn Du mehr Beispiele sehen möchtest. Alle ungerahmten Fotos kosten je nach Größe zwischen 5 - 25 Euro (A5 - A2). Die Preise für gerahmte Fotos findest Du auf meinem BLOG.

CROWDFUNDING for BOOK "Call it Corona"

Am 02.02. startet das Crowdfunding zum Bildband „Call it Corona“ (Arbeitstitel), in dem auch einige meiner Bilder aus der CORONA CHRONICLES Serie veröffentlicht werden. Über 50 Kolleg:innen aus ganz Deutschland nehmen an dem Projekt teil und reichten Bilder(Serien) ein, die sie während der Corona-Zeit aufnahmen. Sechs Wochen lang kannst Du unser Projekt HIER mit einer Spende unterstützen. Als Dankeschön gibt es signierte Fine Art Prints, den hochwertigen Bildband und Spezialpakete.


On 02.02. starts the crowdfunding campaign for the photo book "Call it Corona" (working title), in which also some of my pictures from the CORONA CHRONICLES series will be published. Over 50 colleagues from all over Germany are taking part in the project and submitted pictures that they took during the Corona period. For six weeks you can support our project HERE with a donation of your choice. As a thank you, there are signed fine art prints, the high-quality book and special packages.


Also, for 2023 there will be five calendars with different themes available. One about the fascinating megacity Istanbul, one with beautiful snow landscapes from Iceland, another one with portraits of women from around the world, one featuring beautiful photos from Sinai and the fifth one with a more spiritual theme. The calendars are available in various online stores, but can also be ordered via any book store. You can see all of them here.

NEWS: This year you can also select the photos of your choice to create a calendar with photos from my website It will be printed on high quality paper. Different formats and sizes will be available. Please email me for more info.


Für 2023 sind wieder fünf verschiedene Kalender im Handel erhältlich. Einer über die faszinierende Metropole Istanbul, einer mit Schneelandschaften aus Island, einer mit wunderbaren Frauenportraits aus alle Welt, ein weiterer zeigt wunderschöne Szenen aus dem Sinai und der fünfte kommt mit eher spirituellen Bildern daher. Erhältlich in allen üblichen Online Shops, aber auch über lokale Buchläden zu beziehen. Alle Kalender könnt Ihr Euch hier anschauen.

NEWS: Dieses Jahr könnt Ihr Euch bei mir auch Euren eigenen WUNSCHKALENDER zusammenstellen mit Bildern von meiner website Gedruckt auf Qualitätspapier. Verschiedene Formate und Größen und Kalendarien sind möglich. Schickt mir eine Email für mehr Infos.


On 17 December 2010 Mohamed Bouazizi (born 29 March 1984 – died 4 January 2011), a Tunisian street vendor, set himself on fire in Sidi Bouzid, which became a catalyst for the Tunisian Revolution and the wider Arab Spring against autocratic regimes. Now 12 years later, only in Tunisia the political situation seems to be better than before the uprising. Find some of my photos from that time from Libya, Egypt and Tunisia on The Markaz Review.

Very excited that the EMOP Berlin - European Month of Photography takes place and that I get the chance to show pictures of my longterm project "Post-revolutionary Artists in Tunesia, Libya and Egypt" in a group exhibition organised by FREELENS Berlin at Fotogalerie Friedrichshain. Thank you all for your great work to make it happen! The wonderful artist Faten Rouissi is on this poster! ❤️

My work "CORONA CHRONICLES" during lockdown was a form of art therapy for me to keep sane. During the total lockdown in Spain I created my own world every day to keep my spirits up and my mind busy with creative thoughts. The challenge was to have an idea every day and use only the things we had in the house as I couldn't buy anything.

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